Heaven RO

Welcome to Heaven RO!


Thank you for your interest in helping the server by purchasing VIP. Your donation will help make the game better by allowing us to focus more in-game and get more advertising to allow more players to join.

The VIP Package allows for certain perks that makes general game play faster and easier!
The VIP Package may be purchased through the "Purchase" page by taking the following steps:

  1. Log into to your account on the Control Panel
  2. Click on "Purchase" under the Donation menu
  3. Select the VIP Category
  4. Purchase the appropriate length of VIP service
  5. Log in game and Redeem your VIP Coin
  6. Trade the VIP Coin to the VIP NPC to receive the appropriate VIP. (Please take care of this coin! It cannot be dropped or sold but can be traded.)
  7. Enjoy the VIP Experience 

Please note that the game account will have VIP status only for a set amount of time. Once this time expires the account will revert to standard status. You can add more VIP time at any point.

Base Exp 100x 150x
Job Exp 100x 150x
Drop Rates 20x 25x
Commands Basic Commands @storage @warp @whodrops @whereis @follow @gstorage
Char Limit 6 9
Storage 300 600
Special Features Standard Features No Gems Needed for skills
No exp penalty
Access to Special VIP Shop