Heaven RO

Welcome to Heaven RO!

The server rules exist to help ensure everyone has a fun time here. Please be sure to follow them. We reserve the right to take action on your account if you do not.

- Use common sense. (That means be civil, do not spam or harass another player or staff member.)
- Do not impersonate a Game Master or other players for any reason.
- Respect and obey the Game Masters, even if you disagree with them.
- Do not kills steal, beg for things or ask staff to spawn them.
- Do not use any third-party programs or anything that modifies your client files.
- Do not spam skills in town.
- Do not block off an NPC or a Player's Shop or chat (With a Chat, shop or cell stacking).
- Do not advertise other servers.
- Do not exploit bugs.
- Do not attempt to evade punishment or evade staff.