Heaven RO

Welcome to Heaven RO!

The server is currently housed on an enterprise grade server to help ensure it remains stable. This page contains information about the hardware and emulator we use as well as what features our server contains.

Server Information
rAthena Server Emulator
Renewal 2017 build
5x/5x/5x (2.5x for MVP, Card and Boss) Rates
150/70 Max Levels
99 Max Stats/195 ASPD
Hourly Automated Events/Daily Login Rewards
Actively maintained, supported and developed

Hardware Specifications
Intel Xeon X3220 Quad Core
Supermicro sc512l-260 or better 1u.
6 Gigabytes of Kingston RAM
PDSML-LN2 Motherboard
2 x 500 GB Seagate ES Enterprise Hard drives
1 Terabyte Bandwidth on a 100 MB/Sec Line