Heaven RO

Welcome to Heaven RO!

The Heaven RO Staff Team is made up of professionals whom have helped to construct the server. Without them the server would not exist.

[DEV] Rena - Lead Administrator
[DEV] Shadow - Lead Developer
[DEV] Marie - Systems Administrator

How to reach us?
You can reach a HRO Game Master via ticket through the IGA by going to support.imagogame.com or via the Control Panel. You can also talk to our support team here if a GM is on this chat.  If your issue is urgent you can also use @request in game to contact us. If you do not get a response or for general questions you can use the HRO Chatbox located on the Control Panel "Support" page. To contact us for any other reason please use the details below or use live chat.


General E-Mail: netmgnt (at) imagogame (dot) com
Donation Contact E-Mail: finance (at) imagogame (dot) com
Phone: 1 (855) 984-1866 (Donation and Account Support Only)
FAX: 1 (503) 296-5779
Postal Address:
HRO Service Team
c/o International Gaming Association
1819 SW 5th Ave. Suite 341
Portland, Oregon 97201